Our Latest Build

Check out this insane Custom Gaming PC that we built for a client.   Need a completely custom PC? Elite Networks has you covered. 740-681-9926

We Made the SSD Leap, So Should You


All Elite Custom Built Desktops now come standard with Crucial Solid State Drives. In terms of performance and reliability, at this point, it was really a no-brainer. SSDs are superior in just about every way …

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Slim-Design Desktops for Work and Play

Slim-Tower Case

A powerful, sleek desktop computer designed for performance and built for reliability. Jam-packed with an ultra-fast Crucial SSD and Intel Core i3 Processor. Get the blazing performance you want in a compact, micro-ATX form factor. …

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Turbo-Charge any System with a SSD


Add a Crucial Solid State Disk and unleash incredible speed like you’ve never seen before. These SSDs offer revolutionary technology that, effectively, reduce loading time to just seconds. So what are you waiting for? Customize …

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